It's just about the coolest, most kick ass sport anyone could get involved in!

For the ladies:

Roller Derby is a full contact team sport. It is predominantly a female sport, making it super sexy! The game is played on a flat track, indoors. There are two teams who skate in a 'pack' in the same direction around the track. behind the pack is a member of each team ( the jammer) who's job it is to skate through the pack. This is how you score points, one for each member of the opposite team you pass. Those skating in the pack make it their job to help their jammer through and stop the opposing team's jammer. This continues around the track until the end of the 'jam' (2 minutes or less). The skates we wear are quad skates, not inlines. Think roller disco, but with a sporty edge!

For the gentlemen:

Roller Derby is predominantly played by women. It tends to be the trend that men become refs. So there is nothing stopping you getting your skates on too. Men's roller derby is on the increase and it would be fantastic for there to be a men's team in the West Midlands. Come on guys, make it happen! Get involved.

For everyone:

Roller Derby relies on the hard work of the people involved to survive. You dont have to be super fit to play, and your fitness will increase anyway. There are no age restrictions, besides the requirement to be 18 or over. If you dont want to skate competitively you could consider becoming a referree. Help off skates by organising events to raise money for the team. Maybe you have skills in other areas that the team could use. We need uniforms, advertising / publicity, sponsors, equipment, new recruits... the ways to get involved are endless!


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